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 Welcome to The "Villa Grande Group".  This group proposal offers a unique opportunity for real ownership of a newly built 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom villa surrounded by three acres of landscaped garden in a prime location on the Algarve between Faro and Tavira, at a price of £165,000 all inclusive - less than the cost of buying an apartment. Ownership of the property will be shared amongst five equal partners, who will each have use of it at times of their own choice for up to ten weeks a year, and who will jointly exercise total control of all aspects of its use and management.

Although its members share usage and costs, the "Villa Grande Group" is emphatically NOT a timeshare organisation. The houseís current owners simply do not need full-time ownership and usage of the property, and are looking for four partners to join them in sharing it. Under this group arrangement, the syndicate members jointly own 100% of the equity in the property, and have total control over it. This control is exercised via a comprehensive Membersí Agreement, which maximises the benefits of ownership of the property solely for them.

This website contains a full description of the group assets such as the house itself, the organisational arrangements and financial aspects, and the way to join the syndicate.
For more information about the organisation responsible for setting up and running the syndicate, please click the OwnerGroups button at the top of any page. 

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