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The owners of Hamilton Estate at Jolly Harbour on the West Coast of Antigua are building 4 villas, each with a quarter-acre garden and its own pool. They will retain one for their own part-time use and are looking for two partners to share it. The partners will also purchase a yacht for their own use but also for day charters to an associated villa and sailing holiday company, which will provide maintenance and other facilities.

A full prospectus for this project is under development but preliminary details can be found using the links above.


Jolly Harbour, ANTIGUA 

Property type

Villa and yacht . 


Rural hillside with sea views


Standard plus sailing facilities

Legal entity

To be determined

Member limit


Time allocation

Rotating priority, 3 seasons

Monthly current

TBD: but approx 200 anticipated   

Share Price

TBD: but approx 165,000 anticipated

If you are interested in this possibility and would like more details when a full prospectus is available, please click to email your contact information or call 01628 486350