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You are here: The Boathouse  - Initial Prospectus
What: Top quality single bedroom villa on waterfront with own mooring. Group will acquire a substantial power yacht for owners private use and to provide 2 further guest bedrooms.
Where: Port St. Charles - Barbados
Partners Sought: 3
Share Cost: 250,000
Status: Initial Discussions
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We are currently developing the full prospectus for this group, which will be available shortly. Only three buyers will be able to participate in this unique opportunity to acquire a true millionaire's Caribbean lifestyle at a small fraction of the cost of a solo purchase. In the meantime this brief initial information outlines the proposal.

The "Boathouse Group" will own a small but very luxurious waterfront villa, together with a high quality motor yacht which will be kept on the 50 foot mooring directly outside. The villa has a single large bedroom and its own gardens, while the boat provides two additional guest rooms as well as great enjoyment in its own right.

The villa is one of only two single storey detached units at Port St. Charles. The current owners bought it when Port St. Charles was originally opened, furnished it to an extremely high standard, extended it and lived there for a large part of the year. Now, due to family commitments, they cannot make as much use as they would like, but do not wish to dispose of it or rent it. At the same time, when they are resident, they would like to have additional sleeping accommodation for guests, and to have use of a substantial day cruiser, making full use of the 50 ft. mooring alongside.

They would therefore like to find three partners, each to purchase a quarter share in the villa. These partners who would then join them in buying a motor cruiser of perhaps 45 feet, with two good cabins. The prospectus being developed will describe the villa in detail, together with exactly how the scheme will work. However as no boat has yet been obtained, the specification for this will be the subject of a joint decision as the group is being finalised.

The best available information at this time indicates that the likely cost of participating in this project will be in the region of 250,000, based on the current value of the villa at approx. $1m US, a suitable boat at $500,000 US and the costs of setting up the group.


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