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About the "Cuillin" Group.

The "Cuillin” Group proposition offers a unique opportunity to have real ownership of a delightful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa, with a pool and  a car, situated in an excellent position in the most sought-after part of Barbados, at a price equivalent to that of buying a small apartment in a crowded development.  

"Cuillin" is a recent villa built in the traditional local style on a hillside a couple of miles inland from the renowned West Coast of Barbados. It is owned by a small private syndicate of three members, formed specifically to run the villa for the benefit of those members. Careful organisation provides each member with virtually all the flexibility and control of outright individual ownership, while enabling all costs to be kept at an extremely affordable level, with no requirement for rental to strangers to contain running costs. 

Although its members share usage and costs, the "Cuillin" Group is emphatically NOT a timeshare. The house was built specifically for its original owners, who were then full time Barbados residents, but they now no longer need outright full-time ownership and usage of the property, and sought two partners to join them in sharing it. One new partner has now joined and the remaining one-third share is currently available. Under the group arrangements, the syndicate members jointly own 100% of the equity in the property, and have total control over it. This control is exercised via a comprehensive Members’ Agreement, which maximises the benefits of ownership of the property solely for them.

A one-third share in “Cuillin” costs £185,000. This represents one third of the value of the property itself, other assets owned by the Group, and the costs of establishing the group itself as an independent legal entity in which each group member has an equal shareholder. Comparing this with the current open market sale price of similar properties, and with other property available at the same cost as a “Cuillin” one-third share, it is immediately obvious that this presents an exceptional opportunity for both personal enjoyment of, and investment in, one of the most sought-after locations in the Caribbean. As the house’s original owners continue to be one of the three equal partners, it can clearly be seen that this is a genuine private syndicate, the sole objectives of which are the mutual benefit of the members. This prospectus covers in some detail what the group property is, the Organisational arrangements and financial aspects, and the way to join the syndicate  

For more information about the organisation responsible for setting up and running the syndicate, please click here to go to The OwnerGroups Company Ltd. website, or click on the OwnerGroups button at the top of any page.