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Property Registration

Throughout this form you have the opportunity to select as many choices as you need.  The more choices you can select the greater the chance of finding a match with other people.  It should take no longer than about 5 minutes to complete.

About where you want to buy a property...


If you have somewhere specific in mind, enter it here, along with the country it is in.

About the sort of property you want…

a property with some land of its own. Joined to other properties on one side at most ("detached" or “semi-detached”)
a property with its own ground floor access, but may be joined to other properties, and without necessarily having any land of its own - a "town house"
part of a larger property which may not have its own ground floor entrance

You can assume that any property will have a separate living room, fully equipped kitchen, an appropriate number of baths/showers/toilets, a terrace or balcony, and some storage facilities for your own personal effects (e.g. clothing, sports equipment, etc.)

About the sleeping accommodation you need...

Minimum number of bedrooms 
Maximum number of bedrooms 

It is assumed that bedrooms will sleep two people each.  The maximum limit will be used to specify the largest house size that you would need.

About the sort of environment you prefer...

within a substantial town or city, within easy walking distance of facilities
in a small town or village within easy walking distance of facilities
on the edge of or close to a village, within walking distance of some facilities
away from other properties and traffic

And the kind of landscape...

in the mountains
in an area of lakes
within walking distance of sea or lakeshore
within a few miles of the sea
more than a few miles from the sea

About what is to be allowed in your property...

Don't mind Should be allowed in the property Should NOT be allowed in the property Would prefer a property with no...

About the facilities you would like...

Not Needed Desirable Essential

About the kind of holiday usage you would like...

Note: Choosing these options will not restrict you once you have formed a syndicate but will merely help us to optimise the selection of syndicate members.  Please also note that a 'whole season' usage implies a large share (i.e. a quarter or more)

 whole season (winter or summer)
 some lengthy trips (of a week or more) 
 lots of "long weekend" breaks

About your budget: how much would you be prepared to pay for a share in the type of property you envisage?

Note: The figures selected are only a guide - we will be looking to form a group in which your budget covers all the costs associated with your share. 

Up to for a share

How eager are you to acquire your dream property?

Note: We don't want to offer you a share in a potential syndicate if you are not in a position to proceed.  By giving us an idea of when you would like to proceed we can be sure that we will not waste any of your time.

We are ready when you are! We would need a couple of months before we are ready We would be interested in proceeding sometime later in the year We are just testing the water at present

All we need to know about you personally...

Name (required)
E-mail (required)
Phone (required)
How did you hear about us?

THE SMALL PRINT: (The Data Protection Act and all that)  Submission of this form obviously means that you are interested in making contact with others who share your objectives.  To do so you will need each other's contact information.  Submitting this forms means that you agree that we can send you the email and contact information of those like-minded people, and that we can make your contact information available to them.  You also agree that if you later decide to make a joint property purchase with someone with whom we have put in you in contact, that we will be involved in the whole process.

Submission of the form does not commit you in any way to The OwnerGroups Company and no money is due.  Similarly, receipt of this form does not imply any guarantee by The OwnerGroups Company that a suitable group will be formed.  By submitting this form you are merely registering a desire to be kept informed when the potential exists to form a group to buy an asset of the type described.

You will be contacted by The OwnerGroups Company as and when formation of a suitable group appears possible.  Only then would a registration fee become payable, and you may elect to go no further at that stage.  Full details of all costs involved in forming a group please see the Introduction section 'The Small Print'.

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