How does OwnerGroups compare?


There are four basic ways of purchasing large value items such as vacation property, boats or aircraft – outright, as timeshare, fractional ownership, or as an OwnerGroups private group share. For simplicity our examples here will concentrate of vacation property – but the principles are the same for the others.

Outright Purchase

The simplest form of purchase – you go out, find what you are looking for and buy it. You then have 100% control of how and when you use it, along with 100% of the costs and responsibilities.


You buy a right to accommodation in an existing property. You are restricted to a specific time of use, have no title to the actual property, and have no influence over costs or other users.

Fractional Ownership

A developer sells shares in individual buildings, usually on a resort complex. You own title to the real estate but the conditions of purchase and rules governing usage are laid down by the developer. Your usage is usually on some form of “rota” although you can swap with other owners. You have little influence over running costs or other users.


Our method allows you a full say in exactly what you buy, splitting the purchase price between all members of your group. You then have full control of when you use your share through our free choice “bidding” system. All costs are controlled by and shared amongst the group.

OwnerGroups Outright Purchase Timeshare Fractional Ownership
Choose any property        
Pay a fraction of purchase
Vary time of use     restricted restricted
Rent when unused     restricted  
Control annual costs        
Recoup investment when selling       restricted
Share annual costs        
Decide on “upgrades”        
Share cost of “upgrades”        



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