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Do you already own a holiday home, a boat or an aircraft in a syndicate?

We can help you with administering your group.  If you are already a member of a group sharing ownership of something, and you and your co-owners are finding the chores of running the administration – book-keeping, calendar management and so on – are getting tedious, we can help you.

Our services for existing groups include a dedicated site within the OwnerGroups website for your group, typically with live local weather updates and web-cams if available. There will be a continuously updated usage calendar based on whatever time allocation process you use. We can even host chat groups, photo galleries and social “walls”.  We can provide an independent  group bank account, full book-keeping, budget preparation and reporting and currency transfers of funds as needed. Charges for this will be by negotiation based on the amount of work involved.

Want to sell your share?

If you want to sell your share in a private syndicate, we may well be able to help you. Firstly, we can see if there is already someone in our database of potential group members who wants a share in something like your group. Secondly, we can advertise it here on our website. Take a look at our “Resales” pages for one or two examples of how this works . And thirdly, we can arrange for specific advertising of the share in the most likely places to find a buyer.

Our charges for this are very simple: 2.5% of the sale price. Any external advertising we arrange for you is at your expense although we will make the arrangements and provide the copy etc.

Please note that we will only handle two types of shares on this basis. These are shares in existing private syndicates, and shares in fractional ownership schemes where the share holds title to usage of a specific individual property (not general title to part of for example a resort development with usage of one of a number of actual properties). We do not handle timeshares of any type.

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