What does ``Membership`` mean?

This website has all the information you need to see how our approach to shared ownership works, and how we can help you realise your dreams. Many more pages become available as you start the process of seeking partners to achieve your personal objectives.  They show you the “nuts and bolts” information such as the legal structure of an OwnerGroup, along with various calculators that can show you how joining with others can make your investment more beneficial than buying something on your own. There are four main levels of access leading to full owner membership of a group, as you start out curious, become interested, decide you’re serious about pursuing your objective and finally proceed to achieve it, with an increased level of commitment at each stage. Once your group is established, you will be able to access your group’s private site here.


I'm curious

  • Where and what sort of place would your ideal be? How much would you expect to use it? Use our quick calculator to see whether in general terms it would make more sense to use your available funds to buy on your own, simply rent somewhere each year, or buy with like-minded people. Then, decide whether you want to add your details to our pool of potential buyers. If you do, you have access to more pages of this site, including detailed explanations of how exactly an OwnerGroup works and a more advanced version of the value calculator to show you what sort of savings you can make by joining an OwnerGroup. Full disclosure: there is a nominal charge of £10 for this. Why? We only want to hear from real people, and internet “bots” or people who would waste your - and our – time won’t ever actually spend ANY money.

I'm interested

Among people who are interested, we may identify a possible group of like-minded individuals. You will all want to see draft ownership agreements and find out how OwnerGroups, through our experience in setting up and managing these groups, is able to protect your interests. If you’re happy at that point, we can start the serious work of setting up a syndicate – a small private group - to locate exactly the right sort of property to meet your needs, and run it exactly the way you want. We’ll ask you to make a further deposit of £250. Why? Willingness to make this financial commitment shows us, but more importantly you and your likely partners, that everyone involved is serious about exploring continuation to the next stage.

I'm serious

At this stage we will not only have identified a group of like-minded individuals but we will also have been able to agree with you exactly what you are looking for. We will now set up a private website area to allow group members to keep in touch with each other and confirm you are agreed on how the property will be organised. With a firm specification of what you all want, we can start to show you potential assets for you to consider. At this stage we will start incurring costs in the search so a further deposit of £750 is required to fund this. This is not a fee to OwnerGroups: your money goes put into a separate client (escrow) account to pay the costs of conducting the search and setting up the legal and other arrangements. Remember, if you were buying on your own you would be paying most these costs yourself, but now they will be split between the members of the group. We’ll account to you for what’s spent and any surplus will go towards the property purchase.

I'm proceeding

With your authority to proceed, we find suitable properties and report back to you on the pros and cons of each. Remember, we have no interest in which you choose – we are working for you, not wanting to sell any particular one. Once a choice is made we’ll make the necessary arrangements for your group purchase. After that, you’ll be a member of your Owner Group. You’ll access your group’s private website from here, and we’ll and we’ll provide you with administration as long as you wish.

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