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Most people who consider buying a holiday property or some other large asset realise that there can be drawbacks as well as advantages to owning your own high ticket item.  We’ve found that when someone is trying to convince you of the merits of something they would like to “sell” you – an outright purchase, a timeshare, a fractional scheme or a group scheme like ours – it’s useful to say this:

“Don’t tell me what your idea does. Describe a problem that I have, for which your idea provides a good solution”. If the seller can accurately describe something which is a real issue for you, then maybe he does have the right answer too. Because OwnerGroup’s ideas were developed to solve problems that its founder had experienced himself, we think it will work for you, too. So here’s our attempt to compare systems on that basis!

Firstly we’ll look at sharing compared to buying on your own.   These questions relate to property but can often equally be applied to buying a boat or an aircraft.

I'm attracted to buying on my own, but....

You pay only the share you can afford thereby multiplying your purchasing power

Your co-owners will use it as well, so someone who cares will frequently be there

Now youll only pay a fraction of these costs

You can jointly top quality, and expect it to be well looked after  by the other owners

Co-owners however do care for things, and will upgrade more often

You have much less need to rent, so don’t need to use an agency, AND as much time as you want is available

You won’t need to pack most things away, but will have private storage for your most personal items

You can go to other places with a clear conscience – you’ve only put a part of your money in, and the other owners will use it even if you don’t

Other owners will often be there, and all responsibility is shared. Also, you can afford to pay professionals to do chores

You can spread the same money over several properties as you won’t have to invest so much into one

Professional management is affordable if you only pay a fraction of the cost

Even in the worst case, you’ll only pay a fraction of any costs

Maybe some of the shared or fractional ownership schemes would work but...

You can choose any type of property, boat or aircraft, anywhere in the world

You can, alone or with your partners, further reducing the cost to you

You can always check your allocation calendar, and if no-one else is using it, it’s yours

There won’t be many of them, and you will know about them before you commit to buying

You control the management –  if you choose OwnerGroups to manage your group then we just administer it for you

This is built into the agreement that OwnerGroups provides for all the owners

These few questions are the ones we have heard the most from our potential clients.  Hopefully they have answered many of yours.  For other questions do have a look at our FAQs, or for more specific questions do contact us.



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