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Thank you for joining us – this is where your journey to making your dreams come true starts! Please complete your property search criteria using the form below.  We have set these criteria using many years experience to enable us to have the best chance of finding you partners to realise your dreams.  Completion of the form will add you to our database of fellow searchers and give us a chance of putting you together to form your own OwnerGroup.  Let’s start here together!

Completion of this form does not commit you to spending any more money.

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Please select where you are looking for your property to be located
Please add the regions in which you are looking in the country specified above. For example Tuscany, Costa Blanca, California etc
Villa/Chalet: a property with some land of its own. Joined to other properties on one side at most ("detached" or “semi-detached”). House: a property with its own ground floor access, but may be joined to other properties, and without necessarily having any land of its own - a "town house". Apartment: part of a larger property which may not have its own ground floor entrance
How many bedrooms would you like? Please type a minimum here. Note this is not the number of people you'd like to sleep
City: within a substantial town or city, within easy walking distance of facilities Village: in a small town or village within easy walking distance of facilities Semi-urban: on the edge of or close to a village, within walking distance of some facilities Rural: away from other properties and traffic
Alpine: in the mountains Lakeside: in an area of lakes Beach: within walking distance of sea or lakeshore Coastal: within a few miles of the sea Inland: more than a few miles from the sea
Would you insist on skiing being nearby?
Would you insist on sailing being nearby?
Would you insist on tennis being nearby?
Would you insist on golf being nearby?
Would you insist on swimming being nearby?
Would you allow children to stay in / use your property or boat?
Would you allow pets in the property / boat?
Would you allow smoking in the property or boat?

Select your preferred usage type. You don't have to use it for your whole allocated time but this gives some idea of what you could expect with a given number of shares
This is your budget for your share, not for the total cost. Selections here do not commit you to anything!
This timescale is just for us to get an idea of when you'd be likely to go ahead. It does not commit you to anything.
Add any specific requests here. Please note, as throughout this form, the more restrictive/specific you are the harder it will be to find other people with the same dreams.



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