OwnerGroups formation is at the heart of what The OwnerGroups Company Ltd does.  By putting people with similar dreams together we can help you buy a far better equipped boat, a better maintained aircraft or a property with far better facilities.  All of your bills in the search are just a fraction of what you would have to pay on your own.

Your first step is to fill in our registration form to add your search criteria to our database.  With that we will be able to start looking for potential partners in your search.

Once you’ve registered with us we’ll try and find fellow members who are looking for something similar to you.  This can be pretty quick if you aren’t too specific in your search, or could take a while if you’ve got something in particular in mind.  When we have a group of members with similar dreams we’ll get you together, either in person if you’re located near to each other, or virtually using our own chat forums and messaging systems here on this website.

Once we have a group put together we’ll let you thrash out exactly what it is you are looking for.  Only when you are happy to proceed will we actually go out and start hunting for you.  We’ll provide written and video reports on everything we find, and, of course, you can look yourself.  Don’t forget where we do the searching all of the costs involved are split amongst the whole group, saving you money!

When we find something that you as a group are happy with we will help you form a legal entity to purchase your asset.  You will own this as a group, The OwnerGroups Company Ltd is just a facilitator in this.  You will also have all agreed to the rules and regulations of the group, using our boilerplate agreements which have been refined over the last 30 years.  All the costs associated with the purchase are shared amongst the group, again saving you money.  You are now a member of an OwnerGroup and you have realised your dream!

At this point you have the choice to end your relationship with The OwnerGroups Company Ltd and go your own way with your group, or you can use our expertise and experience in helping us run your group.  From accounting (user separate client accounts so your money is always safe) to allocation of usage we can help you get the most of your asset.

Are you ready to realise your dreams?

Join The OwnerGroups Company Ltd now and take the first step to realise your dreams.



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