What is an OwnerGroup?

What's an ``OwnerGroup`` ?

Do you want a really good holiday home? A big boat ? Your own aircraft? If you can’t justify the total outlay of money or effort for the use you’d make of it, an OwnerGroups is the solution.

The OwnerGroups Company helps you multiply your purchasing power and make that dream a reality, with our “made-to-measure” approach to shared ownership.

Maybe you already own your holiday dream home but aren’t making enough use of it, while it’s still costing you a lot. If you dislike renting it to strangers, having sympathetic partners to share the costs may may be just what you need.

We nearly 40 years experience of running small groups of co-owners and can bring you together with people with similar dreams, to open up a whole world of possibilities.  OwnerGroups is a unique company – we don’t sell things, but by knowing of other people who are looking for the same thing as you, we help you join up to form a small group in which YOU decide what should be bought, and how it should be run.

If you won’t use your dream asset all the time, pooling your financial resources means you can buy what you really want, so you needn’t settle for a cheaper compromise. All our groups are private syndicates. They’re not profit-making fractional ownership schemes, They’re not timeshares. They are OwnerGroups.

Find out how we work from the explanation pages in the menu above – then take that first step towards realising your dream by registering today. Registering costs little and enables us to find those vital few like-minded partners for your perfect purchase. Registering lets you use our financial planning software to see if your dream really makes economic sense. It provides briefings on the pros and cons of purchase in your desired areas, and a complete breakdown of the factors that need to be considered in a joint purchase.

Explore our website and see how you can realise your dream!



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